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Our Resident DJs


Resident DJ/Producer

Djoser grew up in Giza, Egypt before moving to Virginia as a teenager. His music draws wide influences from around the world and has been released on 1432R, Feral Sound, and most recently forthcoming on 3024.

Jett Chandon

Resident DJ/Producer

Jett Chandon is a NY born, DC based artist with a passion for Techno and UK Garage music. She's been a cornerstone in the music community since her Forecast parties and UKG Social residency and more recently is a resident of ROAM in DC and throws Echo Response parties in NY.

College Hill

Resident DJ/Producer
& Webmeister

College Hill is an industrious producer, DJ, and label head of Blood Frenzy Records. In addition to his Grime-focused productions as College Hill, he produces Footwork, Acid, and Trap under other secret aliases.


Resident DJ/Producer

Originally from Salisbury Maryland, Duolo is a Baltimore-based DJ and producer. He plays a wide range of bass, techno, house, and club records whose influences are heard in his percussive club productions, including an EP on Car/Crash/Set.


Resident DJ

LUSH is a Baltimore-based DJ who is well known for her eclectic taste in bass music and as a veteran of the Mid-East rave scene. Her selections effortlessly blend some of the heaviest bassweight with beautiful melodies and soundscapes, befitting her name.


Resident DJ

Kouhai earned their reputation in the crew from their ridiculous music collection of obscure and occasionally esoteric bangers and their dedication to learning to mix them. Over the years, the name has taken on an even cheekier meaning as they've become somewhat of a 'senpai' in their own right.


Resident DJ/Producer

As the spiritual reincarnation of Billy Blanks' past self in DJ form, Benbo has swagger and musical wisdom beyond his years. His promise as a fledgling producer is already showing through with some early radio support.  He's also a member of Classical Trax Drum House.


Co-Founder & Resident DJ

Panch co-founded L.E.N.G. after moving to the DC area from NY and discovering a tight knit music community. He's a resident for Classical Trax's Drum House crew and also a co-founder of Blood Frenzy Records.

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